An eCoach’s Ed Tech Misstep

First, let me make clear that this is Kevin, not Lucas. Second, I believe in owning my mistakes and learning from them. So here I go, planting my flag in this doozy to stake my claim.

Last week, a very kind teacher asked me to help her with a test she was creating on Google Forms. She was excited about the possibility of using Forms for an exam and giving students their scores instantly. I was excited that she had embraced Forms and wished to use it for such an important task. The teacher emailed me and asked me to take a look at the Form. I went to her room, made a few changes (such as creating an initial section with a question asking student’s name–last, first–and shuffling the order of test questions found in section 2).

Only one period would take the test, so I decided to post the test as an assignment on the teacher’s Google Classroom. I scheduled the assignment so it wouldn’t appear before that particular class on that particular test day, and I made the due date the end of class. Because a couple students were helping out with a school project and weren’t in class that period, the teacher preferred students see only their scores when they submitted their test rather than viewing which questions they got right and wrong. I happily obliged and went on my way. Continue reading “An eCoach’s Ed Tech Misstep”